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The Kizomba Slumber

You're on the dancefloor, when a special song (or partner) comes along. You begin to dance and you feel yourself letting go; your mind detaches so your body moves as it will.

Somehow your feet seem to know what to do, so your mind is as a spectator; simply observing. And as an observer your mind is entirely quiet. There are no thoughts. Only motion and emotion.

As a follower your eyes maybe closed. As a leader maybe not. Yet it comes to the same thing. And for the duration of the song there is just this sense... of tranquility. Of fluid movement and feeling peaceful.

As the song comes to an end you almost come awake, but slowly. Perhaps you're in a different part of the dancefloor with no idea when or how you got there. This is the Kizomba Slumber, and there are few experiences to match it.


Kizomba | Wednesdays | Edinburgh

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