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Whenever we come together in partner dance what is usually forefront is simply to lead or follow in line with the music.

But imagine it goes deeper than this. Imagine in each dance, that your partner combines with the song to form a... a universe of motion let us call it. Your every step, technique, and musical intepretation comes out of this universe, and out of it only.

Now let us take it a 'step' further. Imagine this universe changes moment to moment. Imagine it alters, with each stroke of the song. Each step of your partner. And always your dance depends on it. On this changing universe of many possibilities.

In every instance of the dance, then, our mantra becomes discovery. Of a changing universe of beats, melodies, lyrics, and the movements of others as we feel them. And of how best we love to express ourselves as result. A little like a mini metaphor for life, no?

In any case whenever you next find yourself on the dancefloor, take a moment if you can. To take it all in. To breathe, and then to start soft and simple, as you listen to your song and dance partner. Lead or follow, they might tell you what next to do.

Wishing you that special magic of song and social dance,


Kizomba | Wednesdays | Edinburgh

Video Caption: A changing world of song and dance

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