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Moments of Kizomba Madness

At some point it stops being about the steps. Yes the fundamentals movements are the root. After all the dance celebrates connection based on a co-dependent convention of movements, to music.

But soon we find we climb the first layer of social dance abstraction. What we call musicality, playing with sounds using steps. Then we climb the second, playing with co-emotions using sounds.

Finally we reach the third layer. Playing with themes that arise spontaneously out of our emotions. Where there is no-how instead of know-how. Everything depends squarely on each moment.

Every single partner movement is consistent with one's own at this stage. Or it creates an opportunity to improvise in a split moment (or a split movement). So no-one makes mistakes because there are none to make.

It is a sort of momentary madness, this third stage. In the sense that we surrender reason entirely to instinct. Trusting long practise to keep us grounded, literally and figuratively.

But my goodness in this momentary madness do we find freedom. And this is why we call it Kizomba Libre


Kizomba | Wednesdays | Edinburgh

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