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The Libre Pyramid

Imagine an approach to Kizomba social dance based on a three-tiered Pyramid.


At the first rung, the bottom most portion, is the Base. When we refer to base here we do not mean basic steps. Those come later.

Our base here refers to our sense of feeling comfortable. Of not feeling off balance. Of the sense that whatever we do throughout each dance we are always at ease. At peace. Which keeps us relaxed. Which makes us playful. Which is the source of our creativity.


Base begins with us at individuals. It is our sense of comfort, physical balance, and mental equilibrium. And out of this base we become sensitive to our connection to each song and dance partner.

And so connection is the second layer of our Libre Pyramid. Like base it is mental and emotional, but with a physical context in the form of our sense of touch. Touch via the dance frame, and via our connection with the ground.


Out of Base and Connection emerge the entirety of our Kizomba steps, the final tier of our Libre Pyramid. What we call our Passada. Specifically we refer to certain fundamental steps that make up a vast portion of the Kizomba social dance language.

We have a full repository of them here, and a shorter version here. But our deepest truth is that these steps are executed from Base in the subjective context of each Connection.

From our hearts to yours

We intend to explore the practicalities of Base and Connection soon. For now, on your next Kizomba dance, we wish you that deep seated base, and the blissful magic of pure connection, from which to execute the rhythms of your heart.

Steven & Marty

Kizomba | Wednesdays | Edinburgh

Beautiful Demonstration by Jamaica Negro & Safira Nahary

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