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A Simple Repository of Fundamental Movements

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

A simple structure for learning Kizomba might look like this:

Beginning: Knowing the fundamentals

Basics, techniques, and nuances of Kizomba. Perhaps combining simple techniques with basics.

Intermediate: Blending the fundamentals.

Combining basics, techniques, and nuances in a seamless way. Creating stories that interpret kizomba music, using movement.

Advanced: Decorating the fundamentals,

Using footwork. Infusing steps from elsewhere and perhaps creating own steps, but always building these out of the fundamentals.

Assuming this structure, useful fundamentals would include:


- Simple side-step

- Retrocesso

- Ida e Volta

- Virgula

- Estrella

- Giro:


- Saida do homem

- Saida da Mulher

- Casamento #1

- Casamento #2

- Escada #1

- Escada #2

- Tesoura


- Reset

- Basic Tarraxinha

- Nuances of Musicality

Doubtless there might be others. But to the extent these are emphasized in Angola they form a useful framework - for finding and re-finding ourselves within the Kizomba identity.

As always, the essence is practice. To practise both alone and on the social dancefloor.


Kizomba | Wednesdays | Edinburgh

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