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In every moment, infinity.

Take any simple sequence of 6 steps. Like Estrella for example. At the first level of mastery there is simply this sequence, maybe with subtle variations in the turn patterns for a truly circular flow.

At the second level there is timing (musicality if you like). Sometimes stopping or sometimes slowing our rhythm. Sometimes syncopating or sometimes repeating certain steps. All this in a dynamic way.

And at the third level there is nuance. There is levels one and two. But there is also range, vary normal steps to tiny steps in one spot. And there is footwork with a playful spirit.

In nuance there is the dance character, sometimes dragging the feet sometimes stepping concisely. Sometimes moving smoothly, sometimes with subtle vibrations. Sometimes with formal elegance, sometimes with high energy. All in 6 steps.

To us this is what it means to capture infinity in every moment. It is to express infinite possibilities based on the rhythms of the heart. Or to capture the Kizomba ocean in a single drop, so we don't need every drop in its ocean.


Kizomba | Wednesdays | Edinburgh

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