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What does it take?

Those who knows me a bit more know that I’m very practical, not a writer (for sure) person. The story part - that’s usually Steven’s job. Yet, every now and then I manage to get sunk into a philosophical conversation, either with a person or just myself…

And so here we are, the party is coming to an end and I bump into two male leaders having a conversation about dance connection with a partner. After a while of chat about different aspects and views (that’s a story for another day), the questions appeared; what does it take from a follower to allow the connection to happen?

To me this is like a Pandora Box… the answer is not straightforward, and there is a ton of things to mention here. Maybe one day I’ll try to put my thoughts on paper, who knows… but let me at least try to give a starting point. Two as a matter of fact…

Firstly, taking a step back. For leaders and followers; don’t expect the most magical moment with every single dance and song. There are so many things influencing the way you feel in that 3ish minutes of your life, it can’t be like “wow amaaaazing” all the time.

If it could, after a while it would all blend into an average thing... nobody wants that. Therefore, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen. Appreciate every song and partner, and then cherish “ the wow amaaazing” moments. Those will make you fall in love with Kizomba over and over again - I promise…

Secondly, and here my practical side comes back - for a follower: try to be light on your feet and yet grounded in the same time… you probably think “what on earth is she talking about?”. Well, try this… take a deep breath, lower the centre of gravity of your body (to your hips level) by ever so slightly bending your knees, without changing the level of your head… tricky ha? You should notice your weight shifts towards the balls of your feet, and your heels raise slightly. And this is where we begin…

More of these lead/follow thoughts on the SP Kizomba Sessions.

Until next time,

Marty X

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