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Methods & Madness

Kizomba feels one part method, one part madness. The methods are the techniques, the conventions of motion that make up kizomba movement. And the madness is the sense of magic, or imagination, or creative, adaptive, musicality.

The method, or know-how, is readily accessible. In classes, in workshops, at festivals, and online. And with these are so many wonderful opportunities to practise what is discovered, at socials and parties.

But the the madness comes from within. It is easy to neglect, or to be unaware it exists. Yet it is so incredibly important for creating those wonderful dance experiences.

And to Marty and I nourishing this madness comes from three habits. First is simply to listen, to music. The second is to dance, alone, to how we feel. And the third is to recreate the emotions of these two elements on the dancefloor.

Yours always,


Kizomba | Wednesdays | Edinburgh

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