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Kizomba Libre

The Libre concept is based on a simple context. Marty and I learnt kixomba, for the most part, by dancing together. There were some classes to be sure. But mostly it was dancing at her place, at mine, at socials, and at festivals. This includes dancing for 7 consecutive nights in Lisbon (after which we both feel ill, but boy was it worth it :-)

It was our therapy from the challenges of Uni and work. More than this it encouraged us to approach social dance as a way of expression, rather than as a discipline. To approach it as a subjective art, rather than an objective science. Some discipiline is needed by way of fundamentals, but that beyond this it is about letting go.

This letting go is the essence of Libre, which means freedom. It is also what I mean by Learning Intrinsics, the L and I in the L.I.B.R.E. acronym. The idea, then, is to use fundamentals as the foundation for letting go; as regards (B)ody movement, (R)hythm, and (E)mpathy when social dancing kizomba.


Edinburgh, 2021

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