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Kizomba Influences #1: An'So & Nimma

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I love watching the movements of others, One can sometimes find a certain something that is worth copying. A lot of the time it is a new step, sequence, or pattern that looks great and feels wonderful to try, But sometime it is just in how people move. A certain lightness maybe, like they are gliding across the floor.

Other times it is in some nimble footwork that one picks up more by paying attention to their rhythm. Rather than memorising the way I saw their feet move. I have any number of influences that I have learnt from in this way - and I hope to include much of them here, gradually and over time.

They are leaders, and they are followers, What is more, they remind me of what I would have loved to see if ever I could watch the Kizomba masters and mistresses of old. Those that defined this dance by their creativity, long before it had wide recognition or even a clear identity.


The magnificient An'So & Nimma:

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