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Red magic in Rome

Rome, 2016. It is red (dress) night at Festa do Semba, our second ever festival. Everyone looks so very elegent while dancing to Loony Johnson's Vou Ser Teu. I've heard the song a million times since but I'll never forget this one, and to this day the song reminds me of Rome more than any other.

At the hook every dancer in the room slows their movement. Like watching a gentle wave. Then the chorus picks up and everyone does as well. Perfect synchronicity, like I would only ever see in Lisbon. We weren't able to explore Rome much (sacrilegious for a Roman History geek such as I am), and moments like this was why.

It was the first time I was conscious of just how beautiful a social dance environemt can be. That beyond our own dancing some of our most beautiful moments come from being attentive to the experiences of others. We've had so many lovely dances in equally lovely places since, yet I'll alway remember that gentle red wave of musicality.


Edinburgh, 2021

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