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Kizomba Influences #3: Eliza Sala

I find musicality is based on what is tangible and what is abstract. By tangible here I don't just mean what one can see. I mean also what one can explain (or understand) intellectually. This part I feel includes things like technique, the audible rhythm of a song, simple rules for basic steps, etc.

Then there is the abstract part. The best way I know to explain is to reference an article I once read which said that frequent practise ''allows the brain to pick up patterns that can't always be described....'' To me this abstract part is also where creativity lies.

I feel both parts are equally important. We need the tangible to [practise the abstract. And we need the abstract to make the tangible original. LIBRE is an acronym where the B stands for body movement. And when it comes to that musical energy we call Ginga watching Eliza Sala feels like watching a true mistress at work.


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