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Kizomba History #1

I love history. To me it feels like a series of ongoing stories connecting past and present. All the stories are linked, and all of them are true. My opinion, butI don't think it is necessary to know the history of kizomba to enjoy the dance. I do think it is necessary to know its history to have an informed opinion about it.

History is always imperfect, It is after all stories told by others, and facts can take on a different meaning according to who you ask. Yet any knowing where the dance comes from can help foster love for the dance. And this love, as it encourages creative practise, can improve how we dance. Such has been our story at least.

And so here is a little bit on the cultural background from whence Kizomba springs, in Angola. If there is anything we have taken away, it is that the spririt of the dance is one of community,


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